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Employment Disputes

In today’s complex employment landscape, disputes can arise that require delicate and confidential handling. Our private dispute resolution services provide an effective alternative to traditional litigation, offering a path to resolution that is private, expedient, and tailored to the unique dynamics of the workplace.

Our skilled mediators, arbitrators, investigators and conflict coaches have deep experience in employment law, and they’re committed to facilitating conversations that lead to mutually satisfactory agreements. With our private dispute resolution services, you can resolve conflicts efficiently while maintaining the dignity and respect of all parties involved. This approach not only helps to preserve relationships but also saves time and resources, making it a valuable tool for any organisation.

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Overview of services

NZDRC is well placed to ensure the most robust, professional and sector specific service is available for parties dealing with an employment dispute.

Process options

With a range of processes available, there will be one to best suit your needs, whatever the nature of your dispute.


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Overview of services

NZDRC’s private dispute resolution services provide an effective and efficient alternative to traditional litigation in New Zealand. Our team of skilled specialists, all of whom have substantial experience in employment law, enable us to deliver these top-notch services. Their expertise and commitment ensure that the disputes are managed professionally, impartially, and with the utmost respect for all parties involved.

The involvement of our experienced registrars further enhances the efficiency of our services. They play a crucial role in managing and administering the processes involved in dispute resolution. Their professional support is invaluable in ensuring a smooth, seamless experience for everyone involved and maintaining the high standards of our service provision.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes mediation, arbitration, investigation, and conflict management coaching. These are all tailored to meet the unique needs of complex workplace disputes. Our approach fosters mutual respect among parties and is aimed at preserving relationships. By saving time and resources, our dispute resolution services contribute significantly to fostering a harmonious workplace atmosphere.

Process options

Our services cover a range of dispute resolution strategies, one of which is mediation. In this process, a mediator facilitates a dialogue between the parties in conflict. Our goal is to help them reach a mutually satisfactory resolution. Our mediators are not just mediators; they are experts in employment law, equipped with the skills to navigate the complex dynamics of the workplace. This expertise allows them to bring a nuanced understanding to each case, promoting effective communication and facilitating the resolution process.

In some cases, a resolution cannot be reached through mediation. In these instances, we offer arbitration services. Our arbitrators provide a legally binding resolution to the dispute. They bring a wealth of experience in handling sensitive and complex cases, always acting with fairness and discretion. Their expertise ensures that even the most challenging disputes are resolved in a manner that respects the rights and interests of all parties involved.

In addition to mediation and arbitration, we also offer investigation services. When a complaint or dispute arises, it is crucial to gather all the relevant facts. Our team conducts thorough and impartial investigations, maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality. Our investigators are trained to handle these situations with utmost sensitivity, ensuring that the process respects the privacy and dignity of all involved.

Finally, we offer conflict management and coaching services. These services are aimed at equipping individuals with the skills they need to manage and resolve conflicts on their own. Our coaches, who are experienced in conflict resolution strategies, provide valuable insights and tools. They help individuals understand and navigate workplace dynamics effectively, building a stronger and more harmonious work environment. By developing these skills, individuals can contribute to creating a more positive and productive workplace. 

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Why choose NZDRC?

NZDRC offers fully administered dispute resolution processes.

We operate as a private registry, providing one point of reference for parties and their representatives, assisting with the appointment of dispute resolution practitioners, and the management and administration of private dispute resolution processes across a wide variety of sectors and industries in New Zealand.   

Our services include a dedicated registrar and a peer-review process. These allow for better management of the case and improvements in the quality of the decision.

NZDRC is able to deliver its services without any lengthy delay. For urgent matters, NZDRC is typically able to schedule a mediation within a matter of days, not weeks, allowing the parties to move forward as quickly as possible. 

The efficiency of NZDRC’s services is also greatly enhanced by the involvement of experienced registrars. These professionals play a pivotal role in managing and administering the processes involved in dispute resolution. Their professional support is instrumental in ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for everyone involved and in maintaining the high standards of NZDRC’s service provision.

Resolving employment disputes outside of the court system offers several benefits. It provides a private and confidential environment, enabling parties to openly discuss issues without public scrutiny. This process is often faster and more efficient than traditional litigation, saving time and resources. It also allows for more flexible solutions that are tailored to the unique dynamics of the workplace. This approach helps to preserve relationships and maintain the dignity and respect of all parties involved, contributing to a more harmonious workplace atmosphere.

Confidentiality in private dispute resolution processes such as arbitration and mediation is maintained through a combination of statutory provisions, contractual obligations, and NZDRC’s institutional rules.

Hearings and mediations are conducted in private, with no public access to the proceedings or the evidence and submissions presented.

While absolute confidentiality is never guaranteed, measures taken by NZDRC aim to create a robust framework for maintaining confidentiality in line with party expectations for private dispute resolution.

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If you are facing a workplace dispute and are seeking an alternative to traditional litigation, consider NZDRC’s comprehensive suite of private dispute resolution services. Our approach is professional, impartial, and designed to respect the dignity of all parties involved. Contact us today to learn how we can help you resolve your dispute efficiently and effectively, preserving relationships and fostering a harmonious workplace atmosphere.

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