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November 2017

In this issue, we feature mediation. We also look at arbitration of trust disputes, third party funding for International Arbitration in Asia, refusal by PRC Court to enforce an award made under SIAC expedited procedures, India takes a step back when Supreme Court allows employee of a party to act as arbitrator, the position vis-à-vis awards against non-parties to arbitration agreements in Singapore; requirement for reasons in an arbitral award to be sufficiently full in order to discharge tribunal’s mandate to give a reasoned award; and more.


  • Settlement Remorse: when will a court set aside mediated consent orders. requirements – by Karen Ingram and Cecile Bester
  • Reasons for reasons – by John Green
  • Extending your reach to the “invisable parties: to the Arbitration Agreement – by Kia Jeng Koh
  • SC: Employee of a party allowed as “arbitrator” in proceedings initiated prior to 2015 amendment to the arbitration and conciliation act. – by A. Bhargava, J.B. Panda and S.S. Prasad
  • Trust dispute no bar to arbitration – by Albert Monichino QC and Adam Rollnik
  • Case in Brief-Dainford Navigation Inc Vs PDVSA Petrleo SA; “Moscow”stars” [2017] EWHC 2150 (Comm) – by Sarah Redding
  • PRC Court refuses to enforce an SIAC Award made under expedited procedure – by Kathryn Sanger, Stella Hu and Tomas Furlong