Family and Relationship Dispute Resolution

Family Mediation Services

NZDRC has a specialist entity called the FDR Centre (where FDR stands for Family Dispute Resolution) and all of our family/relationship services are now run through the FDR Centre.

Part of the FDR Centre's work is focussed on 'FDR Mediation' (which stands for Family Dispute Resolution). FDR Mediation is the process the NZ Court system now requires most separated couples who can’t agree on how to care for their children, to attempt before proceeding to Court.
​Most New Zealanders will be eligible for partially funded services through the FDR Centre. 

Advantages of 'Family Mediation' & 'FDR Mediation'

  • avoiding the additional stress of going through a lengthy and costly court system.
  • enables and empowers parties to negotiate and resolve their issues rather than to have a decision imposed upon them by a Judge.
  • allows the parties to retain control over and to negotiate flexible and creative solutions which do not need to conform to strict legal rights or general community standards.

Our People

We maintain a panel of the most respected Family/Relationship Mediators (& Arbitrators) in New Zealand. To find out more about our specialist panelists please click here. If you are unsure of who may be the most appropriate Mediator for your situation, part of the FDR Centre's role is to advise on the appointment of the most appropriate available Mediator or Arbitrator and in many cases the FDR Centre's Registrars and Case Managers will make the appointments for you.

Working with the FDR Centre

If you wish to be considered for admission to the FDR Centre's panels of Arbitrators, Mediators, Counsellors or Conflict & Communication Coaches please complete our 'Registration of Interest' (ROI) form by clicking here (Before you begin please ensure you scan through the questions and have the relevant information to hand as you will not be able to save the form and return to it later.
Please note: All questions marked with * are mandatory)
For further information contact us on 0508 DISPUTE (0508 3477 883) or Auckland (09) 486 7153.

Please visit our website to find our more about the FDR Centre.
FDR Centre



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