IT Dispute Resolution

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NZDRC are experts in providing the right conflict management solutions for your business. Want to know more about how we can help you better manage the risk of disputes and to more effectively resolve conflict when it arises? Contact our team today.

NZDRC has a number of arbitrators, mediators, expert determiners, and early neutral evaluators who are highly experienced, and effective, at dealing with disputes arising in the IT sector.

The exponential growth of the tech sector is clearly visible to anyone. Businesses of all types, sizes and sector groups are moving to embrace and utilise technology across all areas, to better position themselves within their specific market and to meet their clients and customers seemingly insatiable demands for the latest developments. To do so, businesses are driven to pilot and implement new technologies in increasingly short time frames.

In part, as technology has pervaded virtually all steps of a typical supply chain, the early adoption of new technologies is enabled by the decreasing reliance on significant infrastructure process development. The direct consequence of this is that the expectation of delivery of new technologies to market is becoming almost instantaneous.

The combination of the proliferation of technological advancements, the speed at which those advancements are brought to market and the still maturing industry capability to successfully deliver IT projects are driving an increase in the incidence of disputes and conflict in the tech sector.

In terms of conflict management and dispute resolution, a bespoke approach needs to be adopted to best meet the needs of those stakeholders involved in the tech sector specifically. Our processes have been developed following on from consultation with those engaged in the IT sector on a daily basis.

UK Supreme Court returns to orthodox liquidated damages approach

By Melissa Perkin. The UK Supreme Court in its recent judgment in Triple Point Technology v PTT Public Company[1] has brought welcome clarity in relation to the drafting and interpretation of liquidated damages clauses[2] in construction, commercial and technology...

Avoiding conflict and improving dispute resolution for IT projects

By Gerard Doolin Introduction The commercial design, build, and delivery of software systems is about 50 years old. In contrast, the design, build, and delivery of physical buildings is about 4000 years old, with one of the oldest recognised buildings being the...

IT Sector Dispute Management Survey: Avoiding conflict and improving dispute resolution for IT Projects

The purpose of the survey was to gather insights and opinions as to the main causes of misalignment in IT project and services engagements.

The success rate of IT project and services engagements remain mixed. The long established Standish Group in its Chaos report (2015 version) noted that over the last 20 years on average (50,000 IT projects surveyed):

  • 29% of projects “succeed” in delivering the desired functionality, on time and on budget;
  • 48% of projects are “challenged” and do not meet scope, time, or budget expectations; and
  • 23% of projects “fail” and are cancelled.

By working together with industry participants, we continue to work toward identifying and providing more efficient and targeted dispute resolution services specifically for IT projects or services engagements.

Click here to get a copy of the final report (2019).