Important COVID-19 Update: specialist service launched for commercial lease disputes


9 April 2020: In light of increasing demand, NZDRC has today launched a new reduced cost and fixed fee arbitration and mediation service to assist parties to commercial leases who find themselves in a dispute as to their payment obligations due to the ongoing lockdown.

Further information may be found here or by contacting our Registry staff.

He waka eke noa.


All parties who wish to use NZDRC’s Expert Determination services are required to sign our standard form Agreement for Expert Determination and Rules for Determination of Disputed Matters by Expert.

The Agreement for Expert Determination has a schedule which is a schedule of matters in dispute for expert determination and three appendices: Appendix 1 – confidentiality agreement for representatives of parties to expert determination, Appendix 2 – default procedure for expert determination and Appendix 3 – fees and expenses for expert determination.

Please click here to download a sample agreement, including the Expert Determination Rules.