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A small model house with a gray roof and white walls sits on a wooden surface. Beside the model house are a set of silver keys attached to a keychain, symbolizing real estate or home ownership.
Arb-Med, Arbitration, Mediation

Alternative Dispute Resolution under the Trusts Act 2019 – missing in action?

The new Trusts Act 2019 (Act) came into force on 30 January 2021. It brings a number of significant changes to trust law and...
A large conference room with a long table surrounded by tan swivel chairs. The room, often used for commercial rent lease dispute mediations, has a high ceiling with recessed lighting and a projector. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a view of an outdoor landscape. Laptops and office supplies are on the table.
Arbitration, Mediation
For those who have commercial leases, there are questions around whether there is a right for tenants to ask for rent relief and if...
A rural dirt path stretches into the distance under a dramatic sunset sky. On the left, a metal gate is slightly open, leading to a fenced field. The sun casts a warm glow over the landscape, highlighting the lush, green grass and scattered puddles on the path.
The Farm Debt Mediation Act passed its third reading on 10 December, establishing a scheme that requires mediation to be attempted before lenders may...
A small wooden boat named "Lady Irene" rests on a pebble beach with the sea and a partly cloudy sky in the background. The boat is slightly elevated on wooden supports, and its rich, polished wood contrasts with the light-colored pebbles.
In 1982 Split Enz released its now famous single Six Months in a Leaky Boat being a reference to the time it took pioneers...
A blue and yellow sign with the word "OPEN" hangs on a glass door. Below the sign, the word "SHOP" is visible in white letters. The background shows a glimpse of the interior with some blurred elements, indicating the shop is open for business.
During the course of a commercial tenancy, disputes often arise between landlords and tenants in relation to the parties’ obligations under the lease to...
A nighttime view of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in London, illuminated by lights, with the River Thames in the foreground. The sky has a gradient from blue to twilight with some scattered clouds. The Union Jack flag is flying atop the building.
Arbitration, Mediation
In a watershed moment on Wednesday of this week, the New Zealand Parliament passed the Trusts Bill which contains unique and important provisions that...
Two people shaking hands against a white tiled background. The person on the left is wearing a black sweater and the person on the right is wearing a red sweater. Only their extended arms and hands are visible in the image.
Conflict Management
It is essential for all good leaders to know how to manage conflict.

The common issue I see is, people ignoring it in...
A wide-angle view of a soccer match in a large stadium packed with spectators. The scoreboard shows a 0-0 scoreline. Players are actively engaged on the field, with one team in red and white and the other in black and white. Bright stadium lights illuminate the scene.
The Commercial Court has remitted an award to the arbitrator for reconsideration on the basis of serious irregularity after the arbitrator sought the opinion...