Rules are an important part of the Dispute Resolution process and NZDRC and NZIAC have carefully drafted a full suite of Rules to govern all Dispute Resolution processes.

Our Rules give certainty to all parties by providing clear procedural guidelines. Our current Rules for each Dispute Resolution Process can be found under the relevant section of the website (i.e. the Arbitration Rules can be accessed under the 'Arbitration' section of the website).

The Rules are robust and innovative in their commercial commonsense approach to challenging issues such as: 
  • Appointment
  • Urgent Interim Relief
  • Expedited Procedures
  • Joinder
  • Confidentiality
  • Representation
  • Mediation
  • Expert Evidence
  • Appeals and Costs
  • Multiple Contracts

The 2017 Updated Suite of NZDRC and NZIAC Rules

NZDRC and NZIAC are set to launch their updated full suite of Rules.

The updated Rules continue to ensure our processes are in keeping with international best practice, and incorporate comprehensive guidelines, giving our clients absolute certainty and confidence in their decision to use NZDRC &/or NZIAC.

Click here to express your interest in the launching of the new rules. We will send you an email to announce its launch later this year. 

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