NZDRC's Mediation Agreement

NZDRC’S Mediation Agreement has been prepared in consultation with some of the most experienced mediators and pre-eminent jurists in New Zealand to produce a standard form mediation agreement for use in every mediation undertaken by an NZDRC mediator.

By using our mediation services and our Mediation Agreement, parties and their advisors know from the outset exactly what their obligations are in relation to all other participants and to NZDRC and that the same terms and conditions will apply to each mediation administered by NZDRC. The objective is to deliver a transparent, consistent and certain process.


NZDRC’S mediation programme includes a Mediation Agreement complete with a back-to-back Confidentiality Agreement for execution by advisers and support persons to parties to mediations and our Fees and Expenses provisions as Schedules to the Agreement.


NZDRC’S Mediation Agreement is further augmented and supported by our Mediation Protocol. The Protocol is a necessary and important component of our fully administered mediation service because mediation, unlike adjudication, is consensual and not supported or underpinned by legislation.


Download a copy of our Mediation Agreement (PDF)

Download a copy of the Mediation Rules (PDF)

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