Our Services

NZDRC is the leading independent, nationwide provider of private commercial, family and relationship dispute resolution services in New Zealand. 

Our service gives parties to civil and commercial disputes the widest capacity to adopt processes that are private, fair, prompt and cost effective, aiming to provide a proportionate response to the amounts at issue and the complexity of the issues involved.

Through our extensive knowledge and experience of the design and implementation of dispute resolution processes, we have developed a range of unique, innovative and fully administered services, including:

  • Expedited Commercial Arbitration;
  • Domestic and International Commercial Arbitration
  • Expert Determination;
  • Early Neutral Evaluation;
  • Domestic and International Mediation;
  • Facilitation; and,
  • Conflict Management Audits, Coaching, Systems and Strategies; and,
  • Directory of Experts and Support Services.

We focuses on informing and educating parties and their advisers about dispute resolution processes so you can make informed decisions about the options that are available to you. 

Low value claims

Uncertainty about the cost of having disputes resolved has often prevented many people from recovering monies that they are properly entitled to and reluctant payers have used that situation to their advantage. To redress that situation, NZDRC provides fixed fee mediation services and fixed fee arbitration services for low value claims of low complexity. This ensures that the cost of having a low value claim resolved by an experienced professional is not disproportionate to the amount in dispute.

Panel of experts

NZDRC maintains Panels of highly skilled and respected Adjudicators, Arbitrators, Mediators, Experts and Neutral Evaluators who are experienced in the resolution of commercial and family & relationship disputes. 

You can also get advice, information, support and guidance during normal business hours through the offices of our experienced and professional Registrars.

Commitment to education

NZDRC is committed to educating industry, commerce, the legal profession and the community through its education and seminar programme. Details of upcoming seminars and webinars will be posted on the website.

If your organisation would benefit from hearing from our experienced presenters on any topic involving conflict avoidance and conflict management or dispute resolution, please contact us on registrar@nzdrc.co.nz


Fair, prompt and cost effective conflict management and dispute resolution services. Proudly serving industry, commerce and the community for 25 years.

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