Deborah Clapshaw


BA (Hons) - LLB (Hons) - LLM - FAMINZ


New Zealand

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Deborah is a barrister working exclusively as a mediator in commercial, construction and interpersonal disputes. She practiced as a barrister and solicitor in New Zealand and Hong Kong from 1981 before moving to the Bar in 1994. She taught Mediation and Dispute Resolution at Auckland University Law School from 1994 until 2004 and sat as a member of the Human Rights Review Tribunal from 2003 until 2010. She is an Invited Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators, a member of the Advanced Panel and past Chair of LEADR NZ and a Fellow, Disciplinary Tribunal and Mediation Panel member of AMINZ.

Deborah is on a number of Mediation panels including the High Court, Domain Name Commissioner, Health and Disability Commisioner and Weathertight Homes Resolution Service Panels. She has extensive experience as a private mediator since 1994.


Fair, prompt and cost effective conflict management and dispute resolution services. Proudly serving industry, commerce and the community for 25 years.

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