Carol Powell


New Zealand

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Carol works as a barrister and professional mediator and facilitator.

She has been mediating for the past 15 years and has mediated a wide range of disputes including: civil and commercial issues including aviation, construction and engineering, Weathertight homes, partnership, franchising, intellectual property, trusts and estates and corporate issues; education, workplace, health and medical, business, relationship property and parenting issues and sexual abuse.

Carol also works with clients in the design of dispute systems.

She designs and presents workshops in mediation, dealing with conflict, leadership and working in groups, conciliation and negotiation. She is one of the two Lead Trainers for LEADR NZ.

Carol is a specialist in Conflict Management including dispute system design; drafting dispute resolution clauses; advising clients on appropriate methods of dispute resolution.

She has represented clients in mediation, arbitration; conciliation; mini-trial and negotiations; Carol has represented numerous clients in settlement negotiations (up to and including government level).

Carol is actively involved in LEADR and has sat on the Board of LEADR NZ for more than ten years (including four as chair). She also sits on the board of LEADR in Australia and is the New Zealand representative on the LEADR Accreditation Committee. Carol has recently accepted an appointment to the International Standards Committee of IMI (International Institute of Mediators).


Fair, prompt and cost effective conflict management and dispute resolution services. Proudly serving industry, commerce and the community for 25 years.

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