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New Zealand

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Anet has worked as a barrister, mediator & conflict management professional in a range of fields since 1990. She has lectured in conflict communication and resolution at AUT University and tutored in Mediation and Conflict Resolution at Auckland University School of Law.

Initially practicing in corporate and later common law, her professional experience over the past 28 years has included the membership of the Weathertight Homes & Earthquake Commission Panels, ACC review and mediation, and a wide variety of private and public sector mediations and facilitations. Areas of civil law mediation commonly mediated include employment and other commercial contracts, construction, insurance law, partnership, building, ACC, Health & Disability, mediation of many areas of Family Law (including wills, succession, relationship property, EIP, and FDR) disputes.

Anet is a Fellow of the Resolution Institute and as a senior panel member in addition to her private mediation practice she currently coaches and supervises mediators and lawyers. She has mediated or facilitated over 3,500 civil disputes. She contributes to the dispute resolution field by research and writing about new frontiers of practice, such as (currently) Refugee and New Migrant Engagement with Dispute Resolution, and the Uses of Testamentary Mediation in 2018.

In 2015 Anet was awarded the Resolution Institute Practitioner award for significant contribution to Dispute Resolution.


Fair, prompt and cost effective conflict management and dispute resolution services. Proudly serving industry, commerce and the community for 25 years.

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