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New Zealand

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Maria Dew has over twenty years of experience in commercial and employment law dispute resolution, including extensive involvement in mediation.

In 2014, Maria was awarded "Mediator of the Year" at the NZ Law Awards.

Maria’s approach as mediator is to offer a valuable opportunity for parties to refine the key issues in their dispute, reality test their own views and ultimately assist parties to make constructive proposals towards a settlement.

As a Barrister, Maria continues to act as counsel in commercial and employment law disputes. She therefore has current knowledge of the issues parties face that she can apply in her role as an independent neutral mediator. 

A sample of cases in which Maria has acted as Mediator, are:

• Employment - Company and former director/employee dispute over the validity of a restraint of trade;
• Incorporated Society - threatened High Court dispute between executive members and other members over the Rules of the society and the election of officers;
• Trust and relationship property - High Court dispute between de-facto couple over distribution of assets held in trust and other property;
• Professional fees - Solicitor and former client dispute over fees.
Her recent mediation panel appointments include:
​• Expert Panel - Domain Names Dispute Resolution Service, 2014
• Deputy Chair of Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, 2013
• Weathertight Mediation Panel, Department of House and Building, July 2011 to current;
• Auckland High Court Mediation Pilot, Panel of Mediators, 2009 / 2010;
• New Zealand Law Society Complaints Service Mediation Panel, August 2009 to current;
Mediator Accreditation:
• LEADR Mediator Accreditation, 2004 to current;
• National Mediator Accreditation, LEADR (Aust), 2009 to current;
• AMINZ Member, 2011.


Fair, prompt and cost effective conflict management and dispute resolution services. Proudly serving industry, commerce and the community for 25 years.

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