AMINZ Arbitration Appeal Tribunal

Confidentiality of proceedings is one of the hallmarks and major advantages of arbitration. However, the practice to date has been for all arbitration appeals go to the High Court and thus lose their confidentiality. The AMINZ Arbitration Appeal Tribunal provides for efficient, confidential and high quality resolution of appeals from arbitration awards on questions of law. It offers parties an alternative to taking an appeal to the High Court, and will thereby preserve confidentiality of arbitration proceedings.


A significant amount of work has gone into establishing the Tribunal including creating the AAT Rules, the Constitution of the AMINZ Arbitration Committee, a Schedule of Fees, Costs and Expenses of the AAT Tribunal and defining the admission criteria for Arbitration Appeal Panel members. The Rules were drafted by a Drafting Committee comprising Sir Ian Barker QC, Hon Robert Fisher QC, Sherwyn Williams and Derek Firth.


On 3 November 2008, the AMINZ Council appointed David Williams QC, as President of the AMINZ Arbitration Appeal Committee. David Williams is a leading international arbitrator and a former AMINZ President. Sally Fitzgerald, an experienced litigation and arbitration partner with Russell McVeagh in Auckland and David Kreider, General Counsel of Vodafone and a practicing arbitrator, were appointed Vice Presidents of the Committee. The Committee’s role is to act as appointing authority under the AMINZ Arbitration Appeal Rules and to perform any functions conferred on it by the AMINZ Arbitration Appeal Rules. The appointment of the tribunal to hear an appeal is made by the President or Vice Presidents. Neither the President nor the Vice Presidents may be appointed members of an Arbitration Appeal Tribunal.


The Registrar of the AMINZ Appeal Tribunal is the Executive Director of AMINZ who is responsible for day to day operations of the Tribunal and for the administrative functions under the AMINZ Arbitration Appeal Rules.


Click here to download a copy of the rules of the AMINZ Arbitration Appeal Tribunal Rules


Click here to download the AMINZ Arbitration Appeal Tribunal Schedule of Fees








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