We would be delighted to extend an invitation to you to join us as an Adjudication Panellist with the New Zealand Dispute Resolution Centre.

Contractual Adjudication

The primary objective of contractual adjudication is the interim but binding determination of any dispute in a manner that is fair, prompt, and cost effective. To ensure that objective is met in the context of all civil disputes, NZDRC has developed Rules for contractual adjudication that are robust and certain, yet innovative in their commonsense approach to issues such as appointment, procedure, confidentiality, representation, expert evidence, enforcement and costs.

A copy of the NZDRC Adjudication Rules may be downloaded here.
Working with NZDRC

We are committed to providing parties to civil disputes with the widest capacity to adopt dispute resolution processes and procedures that are fair, prompt and cost effective and which will provide a proportionate response to the amounts at issue and the complexity of the issues involved.

Our Objectives

The purpose and the challenge for us in establishing and delivering NZDRC’s dispute resolution services is to meet four principal objectives:

  • first, to inform and educate parties to civil disputes and their advisers about options for private conflict management and resolution of disputes so that they may make informed decisions about the process options available to them;
  • second, to provide credible, efficient and highly professional dispute resolution services that guide and support parties, their advisers and the dispute resolution service provider through the dispute resolution process;
  • third, to establish and promote private dispute resolution through independent, professional conflict managers, arbitrators, mediators, adjudicators, experts and neutral evaluators who are experienced, respected, and recognised as leaders in conflict management and dispute resolution in New Zealand and globally; and
  • fourth, to manage and resolve civil and commercial disputes fairly, promptly and cost effectively and in a manner that is proportionate to the amounts in dispute and the complexity of the issues involved.

We believe passionately that our model of creating and developing innovative conflict management and dispute resolution processes by combining our extensive expertise with the best ideas that may be taken from evolving global trends, and delivering those processes through experienced, respected, and recognised leaders in conflict management and dispute resolution, allows us to provide the best possible dispute resolution service to business, industry, commerce and the community.

Our Vision

Our Vision is underpinned by our five core values. It is these values that have enabled us to build a flexible and responsive organisation that can continuously change and adapt in order to achieve our Vision.

Integrity Exemplifying impartiality, independence, integrity, honesty and accountability - everything we say and do will reflect the highest moral, ethical and professional standards.

Respect Engendering mutual respect in all our interactions.

Support Giving all those who use and deliver our services the maximum support.

Discipline Maintaining consistency and certainty in the delivery of our services.

Trust Trusting that all our people share our values.

Anyone can claim to be client focused. At NZDRC we have issued an open Statement of Commitment and we have launched one of the dispute resolution sector’s most comprehensive client feedback programmes to measure just how focused and committed we really are.

Invitation to Join

In conclusion, it is our pleasure to extend to you our invitation to be an adjudication panellist with NZDRC. We understand that at all times the provision of your services would be subject to your availability and without any obligation on the part of NZDRC.

We invest considerable time and cost into marketing and promoting the services that NZDRC provides, as well as promoting our panellists. Accordingly, while we do not currently require our panellists to sign an exclusivity agreement governing the obligations between the panellist and NZDRC, in supporting you as a panellist and promoting your services via NZDRC, we ask that you in turn promote NZDRC’s Registry, Rules and administrative services by referring any direct appointments or potential appointments via the NZDRC Registry.

Should you have any questions at this time, please do not hesitate to contact us. Otherwise, we would ask that you complete your registration below.
We look forward to working with you.

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Fair, prompt and cost effective conflict management and dispute resolution services. Proudly serving industry, commerce and the community for 25 years.

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