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A large yellow and white front loader with a raised scoop is parked in a sand quarry. Behind the loader are various layers of sand and soil in different shades, and in the distance, there are green trees atop the sandy hills.

Harman obligation released for documents from mining arbitration

The implied undertaking of confidentiality in Harman v Secretary of State for the Home Department [1983] 1 AC 280 not to use documents discovered...
A person in a blue lab coat and blue gloves uses tweezers to pick up a pill from a petri dish filled with various colorful pills. The background is a laboratory setting with scientific equipment.
In Cipla Limited v Salix Pharmaceuticals Inc [2023] EWHC 910, the English High Court has confirmed a high threshold exists for successful challenges to...
A distant view of an industrial facility with tall structures, cylindrical tanks, and smokestacks, partially obscured by lush green leaves and branches in the foreground. The sky is bright with scattered clouds.
In The Gama Foundation v Fletcher Steel Limited [2023] NZCA 243, the Court of Appeal reiterated the strict New Zealand tests set out in...