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A smiling older man in a suit, holding a tablet and using a stylus pen, sits at a desk with light streaming in from a window behind him. He appears to be engaged in an electronic arbitration agreement on the tablet.

Sign of the times: enforcing an arbitration agreement exchanged by electronic counterparts

In the electronic era, documents often do not exist in physical form. Does this affect their enforceability? Recent decisions from Australia and New Zealand...
Four people in business attire are gathered around a table in a bright office. Two individuals are seated, reviewing documents with model clauses, while the other two stand, observing and discussing. A small plant and glass bottle are on the table under a skylight.
Arbitration, Mediation
If you have a number of related contracts between different parties and they have different dispute resolution clauses, which one do you use?...
A man with curly hair wearing a teal shirt holds his index finger to his lips, signaling for silence. He looks directly at the camera with a serious expression, as if pausing before discussing international arbitration, standing against a plain, light-colored background.
Arbitration, Mediation
The confidentiality of arbitral proceedings is important. It is protected by statute and model law. In EBJ21 v EBO21,[1] the Federal Court...