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An eagle soars above a tranquil New Zealand lake reflecting rugged, green-carpeted mountains under a dramatic sky at sunset. The scene captures the serene and majestic essence of nature, with a stunning transparency as the eagle's reflection mirrors in the calm water below.

New Zealand still rated as global leader for public sector transparency, honesty and integrity

Transparency International has just released the 2021 Corruption Perception Index (CPI). New Zealand has retained its joint number one ranking along with Denmark, as...
A woman sits at a desk in a modern office, holding and examining papers. She is dressed in professional attire, with a laptop, notepad, and documents spread out in front of her. Amidst the shelves, plants, and framed certificates, she scrutinizes contract clauses for wilful breaches.
Can deliberate or wilful contract breaches still benefit from clauses that limit or exclude liability? The English High Court recently considered this issue in...